Free Motion Friday - Jennifers Quilt & Kathleen's Overly Ambitious Plan


Here we've got another one of Jennifer's quilts.


Jennifer makes the best quilts. And ridiculous awesome, and well pieced. Its... ridiculous.


So I'm starting by following the black lines with a design of some sort, using two different designs, alternating. So, I've drawn ribbon candy (I swear, thats ribbon candy) in alternating black lines, and then I would do something that's going to read differently in the other black lines.


Then, in the white part above the yellow line, I have quilted lines the same size as the black lines, only running parallel to the yellow line. I would then go in and quilt them the same way that I had quilted the black.


I echoed the inside of each triangle, and then would fill them with a design of some sort -- ignoring the transparency happing in them, and treating them just as one triangle. I did the same thing for the three circles.

Then things get a little crazy.


I echoed circles around the black circle, radiating outwards, stoping where they hit the yellow line, a triangle, or the black lines. I would use the same spacing as I did in the black, and the same quilting designs in them.

Marking this would be an... adventure. I talked about marking big circles & linked to my mom's blog where she did a much better job of explaining it last week.

I'd echo those circles for a while, but I wouldn't fill up the entire white space... I'd go to about where I have drawn, then fill in the space the same way I filled in above the yellow line.


As for that yellow line I'm echoing just inside it, then using a fill, something that's again going to read differently than the other fills I've used, and  fill it in.

I know Jennifer's got her quilt loaded & probably started, so I can't wait to see how she decided to quilt it! You can see her instagram here!

Have a great weekend! Later days! Kathleen.

Free Motion Friday is Sponsored by Sparrow Studioz and APQS Canada!

Free Motion Friday is Sponsored by Sparrow Studioz and APQS Canada. I’m teaching there September 25 & 26 2015 — hope to see you then!