Anne's Glacier Star

I had a surprisingly productive Sunday and managed to finish up Anne's Glacier Star quilt.IMG_0708-0 Rocky went to the football game, so I had the afternoon to myself and really got some stuff done. It which mostly just showed me how much I could get done if I put more effort into it.

But whatever, naps are important too.



I won't lie to you guys, I think Judy Niemeyer/Quiltworx Patterns are awesome... but most of them aren't my favourite to quilt. There is just so much going on, I find it hard to get my groove. I don't always feel like I'm doing anything particularly interesting or new on them.


This centre... I originally wanted it to look like this picture (above), but when I took it off the frame, I found that it stood out TOO much. It puffed up more than I expected, and was distracting from the piecing in the quilt. So I had a momentary panic, what on earth am I going to do now, and then finally went with adding another ring to flatten things out a bit.


Which worked just fine I think. So panic averted. It was the first time I have re-loaded a quilt after it was trimmed and "finished". So, at least now I can say I for sure know how to do that.