Liz's Modern Sampler

IMG_0754 I was super excited to be able to quilt Liz's Modern Sampler Quilt. Liz made this quilt in a club at Quilting From The Heart that I was a part of, and so I got to watch her make this! We joked a lot in class as Liz is a very particular quilter -- she would spend as long choosing colours for a block as I would spend making a block. So I knew that I had to spend as effort quilting as she did piecing.


Photo 2015-11-24, 7 07 39 PM I won't lie to you guys, I really feel like I pulled it off. I had the most fun quilting this, from start to finish.


Liz was here first thing this morning to pick it up, so I think she was excited about it. I had to make her wait until I took pictures before I would let her take it home.

Photo 2015-11-23, 3 23 55 PM

While the background was certainly the most fun, I did have fun coming up with different designs for each block as well.

Photo 2015-12-03, 11 42 45 AM

I opted for only one thread colour for each block, which sometimes did limit my quilting choices, but didn't hurt the overall effect of the quilt.

Photo 2015-12-06, 1 37 30 PM

I had lots of fun with the little bumpy things (like in the blue border below). It wasn't a design I had done before, but Is definitely be one I'll do again! A great alternative to bubbles in larger spaces.

Photo 2015-12-06, 7 18 22 PM

That's it for me today! I'm taking a bit of a break, I don't have any customer quilts scheduled until late January! Some time off for Christmas and moving our stores. But I'm sure I won't be able to stay away from Lucey for that long :D

Later days! Kathleen.