Free Motion Friday - Kathleen's Super Easy Wave Fill

Free-Motion-FridayHappy Friday Peeps!!! I'm easing myself back into routine this week with "Kathleen's Super Easy Wave Fill." Which I have been obsessed with lately. img_3278 img_3239-1

Two places that I used it on my last quilt.


So starting with a simple wave shape... seriously, this step is the hardest part. And it isn't hard. The important part is to have one side (the top in the picture) almost climbing up the wall before coming back down, then the other side (bottom) curving up and almost fading into the wall.


Then I echo back with my start and stop narrower than my middle. I'm not making a nice even echo, but a pointy echo :D


Then I just keep going. I try to keep things as even as possible, but if it doesn't stay even, I'm not too worried. It looks much better stitched out than drawn out. I find that over time I loose some of the wave, so it's important to think curvy to keep the the wave staying round and curvy.


This design works in all sorts of shapes, here I am starting it in a triangle,


Growing the wave as it goes up the triangle,


And shrinking it as it goes down.

I know it doesn't look like much drawn out, but I swear, it's awesome quilted :D It's great for when you want a dense quilting design with some movement. It has more movement than just straight back and forth lines, but still has the density to emphasise some piecing or fancy quilting next to it.

That's it for this week! If you'd like your quilt to be part of FMF, email a picture of it to kathleen(at)!

Later days! Kathleen.