Kathleen's Less-Sappy Quilt Con Post


I had the best time at QuiltCon last week. Seriously. I am so lucky that my life allows me to go every year, I have the most fun every single time. I got to take some awesome classes, meet some awesome people, hang out with some awesome people I already knew... what more could a girl want? Seriously?

This year I took 3 classes with Krista Withers, 3 classes with Jodi Robinson, 1 class with Angela Walters, and 1 class with Heather Jones. My one class with Heather Jones was a nice break from all the longarm classes. It was the last day of QuiltCon and I got to just sit and sew and ended up with a finished quilt top.

However, let's face it, it's longarm classes that I really care about :D. I left QuiltCon feeling completely refreshed and ready to quilt again. Super excited to get back to quilting actually. I've had a pretty relaxed schedule this winter, and I'm looking forward to it picking up again. I have so many new ideas for how to quilt thing... oh man, it's amazing. Seriously guys, take classes whenever you can. There is no better way to get better at quilting, to get inspired, to have fun! (Want to take my classes? Check out my teaching page including Sparrow Studioz this March!)

Topics of conversation that kept coming up:

  • the quilt that won the award for the Best Longarm Quilting (frame) was done digitalized (by a computer). The general consensus, was that while computerized quilting takes a skill set in itself, it's not the same skill set as hand guided. Of course every stitch is perfect, it was done by a computer. Hand guided looks hand guided, not perfect.
  • the quilting (and by quilting, I mean free motion) skill was higher than last year-- there were actually quilts that had skilled FMQ on them. Which is just how I like things :D

I don't really have that much more to say... I had the best time, and can't wait until next year!

Here's what I'm working on now... based on my Piece as you Quilt class with Krista Withers... I have so many idea's for more quilts like this... I keep joking that I'm never going to piece another quilt on my regular sewing machine :D


Later days! Kathleen.