Les Fleur's Potpourri Quilt

P1040763 I somehow managed to snag some of the Rifle Paper Company + Cotton and Steel fabric at sample spree while I was in Utah. I still don't know how I managed it. It was retreat last week though, so I was able to make a quilt! It is the Potpourri Quilt by Fabric Confetti.


I actually marked the quilting on this quilt at retreat, with a blue water soluble pen. Something I have never done before. But I had some time to kill at retreat, and didn't have much spare time at home. Pre-marking everything meant that I was able to get this quilt finished in only 1 day! For those keeping track -- I bought the fabric Friday, pieced the quilt Thursday-Saturday, and quilted Monday. Considering this is only the 2nd quilt top I've made this year, it's pretty impressive. I think :D


I don't have much time to quilt my own quilts between now and when I leave for Australia, so I tried to fit as many different things that I teach in my classes into one quilt as I could. We've got wave fill, cheater feathers, diamonds, & pebble swirls.


That's my quilt! This is the first one I've quilted on my new Lucey (more on that coming... soon). I'm hoping to squeeze one more small quilt of my own on between now and August, but depends how things go.

For now, that's it for me! Later days! Kathleen.