Katrina's Quilts

I got to quilt two quilts for Katrina this month! It was a great way to get back to quilting after my month in Australia!p1040808

First up was this kaleidoscope quilt. I used the new 60 weight glide thread (in Cream) on this. It's a finer thread than I usually use (usually I use a 40 weight) but the 60 weight almost disappears on the fabrics. With so many colours and patterns I didn't' want the thread to show up really at all on the fabrics. I find that somes on printed fabrics quilting can look like scribbling when you can see the thread too much, so this was the perfect thread!




You can see the details of the quilting on the back as it is a plain fabric. You can see particularly the borders, where I traced around the flowers in the print, then filled in the background space.


The 2nd one was this grey one with all sorts of space for quilting.


I wanted to make it look like the swirls and flowers were spilling over the diagonal lines and the ribbon candy stripes. This is one that looks better in person -- I'm super happy with how it turned out.


Those ribbon candy lines are one of my favourite designs to quilt. Seriously.

Those are Katrina's quilts! More soon!

Later days, Kathleen.