Dad's Feathered Star

p1040797 This is a quilt that Dad made about 3 years ago. Both Mom and I have been saying since then "Oh, I'm totally going to quilt that right away" and then never did. But I finally had time this summer to actually do it.


These corners are my most favourite part. I was so happy with how they turned out, and I got to use my filled crosshatch which I am obsessed with lately. I actually drew out that star for quilting on this quilt LAST summer, but didn't get to actually quilting it.


I broke my own rule with the circle that sits behind the star - my rule that two quilted area's never sit next to each other -- always have something, nothing, something. And I really shouldn't have broken the rule -- it really doesn't turn out well. But it's about a 50" circle on there, and trying to get an echo even was driving me mad, so I went without, hoping that the difference in density would be enough. And it isn't really, but too late now :D


I used my peacock swirl a lot in this quilt. That thing fits everywhere, I'm telling you. I'm particularly happy with how it worked on the centre star.


Anyway, now I'm caught up on all my blogging :D Yay me!

Later days! Kathleen.