Kathleen's Binding Finish


A friend of mine recently asked me to walk her through how to join the two ends of her binding after it has been sewn most of the way around her quilt, so I took a bunch of pictures to explain it to her... then figured I might as well do a blog post since I had all the pictures anyway. So, a little off topic for me, but here we go. img_5170I start by cutting one end of my binding to 45 degrees.


I then lie the other end of the binding inside the cut piece, and cut if off as long as I can with it not quite touching the stitching. Then I fold the binding back in half.



I mark where the 45 degree line hits the other end of the binding. img_5174

Here it is opened up so you can see the mark.


I open up the binding and cut 1/2" in (towards the cut of end) from my marked line.


So it looks like this.


My two ends should now overlap by 1/4 of an inch.


Then I sew them together, remembering to leave a 1/4" space at the beginning so when I open the fabric, it creates a straight strip.

Then I iron and sew that last bit of binding down!

Later days! Kathleen.


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