Go! Qube Heart

Last weekend was our Staff Quilting Retreat. I had no projects on the go, so got to start something new! img_5353

I made this heart quilt! I was a free pattern from AccuQuilt, which meant I got to use my new Qube! I'm telling you, I got the best Christmas gifts.


With the quilting I went with angular quilting inside the heart, and curvier quilting in the background. img_5355

The background is actually the same background I did on my Ikat Moth.    I had so much fun with it, I wanted to do it again! Here it is a much larger scale though.


I managed to get this entire quilt done, from choosing fabric to stitching down the hanger between Saturday morning and Monday evening. So I'm feeling pretty productive. Usually January is a particularly unproductive month, so I'm really on my game this year. #2017bestyearever

That's it for me! I've been spending the last week rebuilding our website at the store. I'm pretty happy with it, so be sure to take a look! So I guess I should get back to it.

Later days! Kathleen.