(The Return of) Free Motion Friday - Peggy's Quilt

Guys, I'm back! I checked, the last time I did FMF was October 28... I didn't realise it had been so long! I really took my "don't stress out" plan seriously. Hopefully I'll be able to be a bit more consistent in my postings. But, to do that, I need quilt pictures! So, please, if you want to be a part of FMF, email a picture of your quilts to kathleen(at)kathleenquilts.com. I love seeing all the pictures of quilts, and it keeps me motivated to keep doing posts!

So on to Peggy's quilt... Peggy included in her email that she was attending a quilt retreat in November that she was hoping to quilt this at... so I'm guessing this isn't going to be much help to her, but it sure was fun for me!

This is the picture she sent me, with both the elephant quilt, and the elephant the quilt was based off. This was helpful for me, as I tried to think of quilting designs that looked like the elephant did.

So I started by adding this... shape... to the trunk of the elephant,

And then continuing down the trunk with it.

I then filled in the spaces with some simple back and forth lines.

In the ears, I went with some gentle waving lines, to try to show movement and smoothness in the ears.

In the face, I went with more back and forth lines, this time going horizontally rather than vertically (as I had in the trunk)

In the elephant legs, I went with bubbles. I opted to leave the tusks unquilted, to keep the smoothness you'd find in a tusk.

In the background, I simply echoed the elephant.

Then, in the borders, I'd just do a allover design-- the elephant is what we want to stand out here, not how awesome our quilting is.

Thanks so much for stopping by! There's still a chance to register for my Kathleen Quilts LIVE! class, which will take place on Sunday afternoon (in Alberta anyway). This class covers basically all the designs I do that use rulers... we do diamonds, geo feathers, crazy person's fill, star of awesome... and a bunch more. This is an online live class, so you can take it in the comfort of your own home, but have the benefit of me being right there to answer any questions! Check it out HERE.

That's it for me this week! Remember, if you'd like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of it to kathleen(at)kathleenquilts.com

Later days!


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