Free Motion Friday - Debbie's Quilt

Happy Friday everyone! I'm back with FMF this week! Debbie is a VIP member of my Patreon page, meaning she get's a front-of-the-line guarantee for FMF posts -- she sent this quilt in on Saturday, and got her FMF on Tuesday! So be sure to head over there to take a look. Plus, I've got some awesome video's happening over there AND we're about to start a super intense look at quilting swirls! It's a great time, so check it out HERE

So here is Debbie's quilt!

I started with some dot-to-dot in the white space just outside of the center.

Then, I went all the way to the center (green star) In one green fabric I did "C's" and in the other some straight lines. This is one of my favourite ways to quilt this type of shape lately. You can see I did something similar on Jasmine's Bauble Quilt. 

Next up,

I put some radiating lines coming from the corners of the pink whirls. I just realized this picture only shows it in three corners, but I would definitely quilt all four the same.

In the white background, I've quilted swirls. Swirls are my all time favourite design.


I would also put these swirls in the space between the grey lines and the pink triangles. In the grey lines themselves, I did a simple straight line down the middle.

Next, I've gone in and drawn a box around the center. I've echoed this box with about a 1/2" echo.

Inside the box I would fill with swirls, and outside the box, with my flowy fill (or whatever fill you wanted to use).

In the blue triangles, I've put ribbon candy in the black space, and straight lines in the blue. Again, though I have only drawn this on top, I would do the same on the bottom.

On the sides, I've done some point-to-point in the grey spaces, and some dense back and forth lines in the blue.

To finish off - I've done some continuous curve and straight lines in the pinwheels and flying geese on the top, and then I'd fill the white spaces with swirls again. In the grey borders and sashings, I did a simple straight line in the sashings, and piano key's on the outside border!

Thanks so much for stopping by! If you'd like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of it to kathleen(at)!

Later days! Kathleen.