Joan's Two Colour Bargello

IMG_1550 2I have been quilting up a storm lately, and finished up Joan's two colour bargello last night. Those of you who follow me on Instagram and watched my stories, saw my struggle to figure out how to quilt this. I figured it out though, and am pretty happy with how it turned out.

IMG_1551It's a bit hard to tell in the pictures, but there are 4 different threads used in this quilt. I used a 60 weight glide on the floral print, then 3 different 40 weight threads (a combination of Glide and Marathon threads) on the ombre fabric -  one for the feathers, one for the swirls, and one for the grid. IMG_1554

IMG_1552I'm starting another one of Joan's quilts after work tonight!

Thanks for stopping by! I'm going to be talking about the process of quilting this one on Patreon sometime soon, as it was a bit of an adventure to figure it out (the feathers had to be done before anything else could be, which meant I had to roll back and forth a long way). So if you aren't already on Patreon, now is a great time to head over there! Patreon is a monthly subscription that gets a bunch of extra content and learning!

That's it for me! Later days! Kathleen.