Free Motion Friday - Cindy's Quilt

Free-Motion-Friday Happy Friday Peeps! Today Cindy is sharing this quilt she made!


Let start with those awesome printed rectangles (framed by the black.) I really really really don't want the quilting to take away from these prints, so most likely what I would do is use an invisible thread and just trace the designs already in the fabric. I don't want my thread to cover up the panels, and so I think this is a great way to prevent this.


Next, I'm going to stitch in the center of all the black sashings -- they are a bit wide to be left unquilted, but they don't need anything fancy that might take away from the fabric it is is framing.

Then, I came up with two different (though similar) plans for the rest of the quilting.


The first one is my favourite, though is mostly just straight lines, and made me feel like I wasn't giving my all to this quilt. But I really love it and couldn't get it out of my head. I simply put straight line (piano keys) 1/2" apart in the blue sections - vertically in one section, horizontally in the next, back to vertically, then horizontally again.  This is going to add some cool texture, but not take away from those panels. I love the look of straight lines, I think it will made everything look clean and even. However, I get that not everyone loves straight lines.


So, my other suggestion is to simply quilt two (or four) background fills. I went with alternating between swirls and my flowy fill (mainly because these are my two favourites).

Alternatively, we could mix the two together, and do every other section with straight lines, and the other with a free motion background fill.

That's Cindy's quilt! If you'd like to learn all about how to quilt swirls, over on my Patreon page we are just finishing up a seven week intensive all about swirls and their variations! Head over there to learn all about it. Patreon is a monthly subscription that gives you a bunch of extra content, mainly focused on learning! Be sure to check it out!


If you'd like your quilt to be a part of Free Motion Friday, email a picture of it to kathleen(at)

Later days! Kathleen.