Stephanie's Quilt!

Happy Friday! We've got Stephanie's quilt today!














I started with two options for those wide sashings :D The first is some feathers, and the second some piano keys. These borders are busy enough that a lot of quilting isn't going to show up, so I want something fairly quick and easy.

In the corner stones, I simply followed the lines of the fabric to create an on-point cross hatch.

In the "X" inside the block, I used ribbon candy in the long skinny parts, and a maze box shape in the centre.

In the white border around the "X" I did a simple straight line through the middle of the sashing.

Then, two options for the background of the "X". I opted for straight lines If I had used the feathers in the sashings, and swirls if I had gone for the piano keys, then I used swirls in the background.

That's it for this week! I'm a bit behind on FMF's... and everything else at the moment it seems. If you'd like your quilt to be a part of FMF, email a picture of it to

Stephanie is a member of my Patreon page, which mean's she get's front-of-the-line service for Free Motion Friday post's, plus a bunch of other content. I just shared a video explaining all the quilting I'm doing on my Spirit Rose quilt, plus we're in the middle of an in-depth look at using rulers for quilting on both longarm and domestic sewing machines. So head over there and take a look.


Later days!