Free Motion Friday - Brenda's Quilt


I swear, I haven't forgotten about all the FMF's I've got waiting. Things just go crazy sometimes, and they don't get done. But new computer means I should be able to do some at home, so hopefully will be able to keep up better... though no promises.

So today, we've got this quilt of Brenda's.

I started by dividing the space with this zig-zag line. This line is following the seams of each block so I don't have to do any marking.

Next, I'm going to echo 1/2" away from my original line on both sides. I would use the lines of my ruler to quilt these, rather than marking 1/2".

Then, simply two different fills, one on each side of the zig-zag. I really want these two designs to read differently from each other, so I suggest a grid based design for one side (If you're on Patreon, we've done a bunch of these type of designs lately, and if your not, why not take a look?) and a more swirly one for the other side - there are a bunch of idea's for this in my book!

Since our background is fairly intense, I've opted for simpler in the blocks. A simple "X" in the red and white print, and ribbon candy in the solid red. I would probably echo 1/4" in from the outside of the red block before putting in the ribbon candy, to give some space between the intensity of the background, to really emphasize the difference between background and foreground.

If you'd like to be a part of FMF (and I will get to your quilt... eventually) you can send me an email with the picture to

Later days! Kathleen.

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