What's going on with Kathleen?

Things have been a bit quiet. Partly because I haven't been good at getting pictures of what I've been doing. Partly because I just haven't been been doing anything. 


Jennifer's Elephant Abstractions

My last scheduled client quilt

I finished up Jennifer's Elephant Abstraction quilt this week. It was my last scheduled client quilt, so now I'm officially on hiatus :D So far, really really enjoying it. I've been so inspired, it's been crazy. 

What have I been inspired by? Here are a few sneak peaks. 

I've been on a Carolyn Friedlander tear. A sneak peek (peak?) at the quilting here, before what a proper reveal later this week? Or maybe early next week. Of my Russell quilt. If I didn't say that already? I'm a bit all over the place. The quilt blocks are the start of my Eads quilt. I have 40 blocks of 120 done, so making slow progress on that one. 


class samples

On the longarm I've been working my way through a pile of class samples for upcoming teaching dates. I'm about 2/3 done my list of 90 squares to quilt. But, if you're taking one of my classes at Quilt Canada (Vancouver, June 2018), Norway (June 2018) or AMQF (Adelaide Australia, September 2018) I'll have a pile of samples for all my classes, rather than my normal pile of quilts and photo's. It feels like a real step in terms of being a quilting teacher. Even if it is dead boring to quilt out. 


Then, in case I didn't have enough started, two more projects on the go, first the beginnings of what will hopefully be a really cool quilt using some digital prints from Hoffman, the cutting stages in the first picture, and the inspiration photo in the second. 

The second row has my 2018 BIG project (Dixon was my 2017 BIG project), Precipice. The first picture has my inspiration (with pink and gold), then my test block, then my colouring diagram. I've already put a lot of work into this one - I have full size templates for each one of the triangles in the quilt, that are then get improv sashing put on them, then trimmed back up to the template size to be sewn together to get an improv look with the ability to get precise matching points. Or so I hope. I'm sort of making it up as I go along. 

At any rate, I seem to have enough on my plate for a little while :D

Also, the Feather Series will be starting over on Patreon on Friday! Over the next several months we'll be digging deep into feathers, starting with two basic methods of quilting them, then going deep into how I use feathers on modern quilts. So head over there and take a look!

Later days!