QuiltCon 2018 & General Life Update

I got home from QuiltCon on Monday, and have for the most part, settled back into my regular life. 

This is the first year I have had a quilt in the show... and it was way more exciting than expected. Plus, it was really the first time I had seen the quilt hanging -- it was so big, I had never really seen the whole quilt at once, except when I was taking pictures of it. So all in all, it was a good time. The last picture there is me hugging the quilt goodbye - it sold at QuiltCon, so it is no longer in my possession. It was accepted into both MQX and QuiltCanada, but the new owners were too excited to have the quilt to want it to go to more shows. 

ice bubbles

Ice Bubbles on the other hand, was accepted into both MQX and Quilt Canada, and so will be shown at both of those shows. I am so proud of this quilt, and looking forward to seeing it in a few shows this spring!


I got my precipice quilt top finished up before heading to QuiltCon! I'm super happy with how it turned out, though completely stumped as to how to quilt it. I have it loaded on my longarm and ready to go, but no ideas as to how to quilt it. So stay tuned :D


Besides my own Dixon quilt, I also had to quilts in the show I had quilted for others - Jasmine's Brassica Quilt, and Sarah's Hiss Quilt. I also took a bunch of classes & hung out with some awesome people. 

So that's where I'm at at the moment. Things are fairly quiet, but lots of work is happening. If you haven't all ready, be sure to take a look at my (not quite) LIVE! class, all about Combining Designs in Modern Ways. You can take a look HERE! When you purchase this class you have lifetime access to the video, and can email me questions about it at any time! 

Later days!

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