Hand Dyed Works in Progress

I feel like I'm slightly stalled at the moment. I'm waiting for my 1 customer quilt of the year, and in the meantime I'm just sort of... hanging out.

This is our "Flight Path" quilt, made my Jess Frost & Kat Jones, and soon to be quilted by me! This is the same group of friends who made the Ice Bubbles Quilt.  I'm super excited to get to quilting this one, it's next on the list after my client quilt. 

Last weekend I made my "Shine Bright" quilt. I started with the first photo, an inspiration art that can be found here!  Then I used the skills I learned in my watercolour dying class at QuiltCon to dye the fabric, then did some bias tape applique (with tips from Kat) around the circles and to form the word 'shine'. Then I got all excited and decided to quilt the little piece that got cut out from behind the star to test out my quilting designs. I think I'll end up starting the quilting on the actual quilt tonight, until the next quilt arrives, then it will come off the frame to get hers done, then Flight Path, then back to this one. 

My calendar gets a little crazy after this week - staff vacations at work mean that we're short staffed until mid-May, then I'm away at Quilt Market, our store Quilt Retreat, Quilt Canada & Norway (that's 4 weekends in a row). So if things go a bit quiet, that would be why ;D

Later days!