Ice Bubbles Quilt


I had to start with the picture before getting into this quilt. Because it is just so awesome.

So this is a quilt I made with Kat Jones (Two Cats Quilts) and Jess Frost (Elven Garden Quilts), who both live in Tasmania. I met Jess while at QuiltCon in 2015, and when I was in Australia last August she introduced me to Kat.

After QuiltCon in 2017, we set out to build a quilt together. We wanted to showcase the skills that each one of us is best at. For Jess, it is piecing, for Kat it is applique, and for me it is quilting. Though, for the record, both Jess and Kat are amazing quilters as well.

The design was based of off the ice bubbles that form in Abraham lake in the winter. Abraham lake is about 4 hours from where I live, and, well, I'll show you the picture

Pretty cool right?

So, to the quilt.


The first step (after figuring out the design details) was for Jess to piece together the turquoise sections. She used curved improv piecing, and it was already looking amazing.


Next, Kat cut up Jess's piecing to form the shapes of the bubbles, and used her bias applique technique to create the layers.


Next, Kat and Jess got together to piece the background, before Kat appliquéd on the bubbles.


Then, it was shipped to me!


I seriously had SOOO much fun quilting this. It took nearly a month, used 32 different thread colours, and loved every minute of it.

Here are some more pictures :D


Last week I took it on my vacation and took some pictures of it at Lake Louise. 

We heard today that it was not accepted into QuiltCon, which was a bummer, but such is life. We have plans to enter it is some other shows in the spring, so hopefully it will be seen out in the world later this year!

Later days! Kathleen.