Retreat is Over...

I finished all 5 of my quilts at market. They turned out surprisingly well. And went quickly as well. My mother and Susan insist that I need to "start naming" my quilts. So grudgingly I named them... names. Mom was definitely going for something more magnificent, but, no. So quilt Number one, named Sophia, is a Valori wells free pattern for her Nest line, but made of her Della Flannels Line.

It is made of flannel, and super soft and lovely. It is a store sample for Quilting From the Heart and so my mom is quilting it on her long arm for me.

Quilt number two is named Eloise. It is also a store sample, a pattern called Toe the Lime by Blue Underground Studio's which are my most favorite quilt designers of the moment. The fabric is Love by Amy Butler which at first glance I hated, and then as I started cutting I started liking it more. And as I started piecing I started liking it more and more, but then as I started putting it up on the design wall I started hating it again, and as I started sewing again, I started liking it again... and in reality, it is better than I hoped... I was hoping for simply 'OK' and I think it turned out better than that.

Quilt Number 3 is my favorite of the ones that I made this weekend. Named "Alfred" out of spite to my parents, this is a quilt from a book called "Crazy Curves Continues" by Elisa Wilson. It is also a store sample.

Quilt four is named "Harriet" and is a pattern by A Quilters Dream, which I talked about last time. It is not a store sample and so this week I will be quilting this one myself. Yay.

And the last one is again by blue underground studios. Called Helen, as I am giving it to my friend Helen. I quilted it this weekend.

So that is what I did this weekend. Pretty productive. Anyways,

Later days.