Quilting Away

I started work last week which has seriously cut into my sewing time. I don't like it.

I'm working on a wedding present for a friend of mine who loves purple. It is a pattern by Susan Strong who is an instructor at Quilting From The Heart (where you can buy the pattern) and embellishments from the book Skinny Quilts and Table Runners.

The circular embellishments on the cover are done in purple on this quilt.

At any rate, the quilt is called "Erin." It isn't done yet, but I thought that I would show off the embellishments before the quilt is done.

It is turning out better than I expected it to actually. I think that Erin will really like it. She had better anyways, as this thing is taking me eons to make. I have really got to stop making my friends such intense quilts.

I also know that I promised pictures of my last silk quilt a few weeks ago-- so here it is.

The pattern was my own, and I don't know who did the quilting. Someone in Killam, Alberta did it. My mom sent it out with her and Dad's silk quilts. (Which were both patterns from Blue Underground Studios)

Anyways, more soon-ish! Later days . Kathleen