Plus Sign, Honey & Shirt


We got three new fabric lines at TSC on Wednesday. Which for us is pretty exciting. We don't get that many. Especially ones that are actually nice. So I was pretty excited. I made two projects out of it one of the lines-- the first, a Plus Sign Quilt -- done without a pattern. It has been a while since I just made a quilt without a pattern -- I guess I did the mirror ball's quilt, but that was pretty heavily based on Elizabeth Hartman's. I wanted plus signs, but I also wanted lots of background so I could practice some awesome quilting. Plus Sign, Honey

I was pretty happy with it. I particularly like the quilting :D At least in the background. I'm not as excited about the quilting in the plus signs. They are all different, and there isn't one that I was particularly happy about.

Rocky is working on a new embroidery project, which means that we are staying late at work. So I made this shirt:

It's a fine shirt, I'm not super crazy about it, but it's not so bad either. The best part was it only took about an hour and 15 minutes to make -- including lengthening the pattern. It was super quick, which I like :D

Later days,