Home From Retreat

Home again home again... Retreat was SOOO awesome. It was so nice to have 4 days to do pretty much nothing but sew, especially right after market. Plus, I had most of Wednesday off so did a bunch of sewing, and I have tomorrow off as well... so much sewing, so little work. Oh well, back to work like crazy on Tuesday-- with Jaywalkers this weekend, I will have more than made up for my time off. Anyways... so the first thing that I sewed was from Tula Pink's "100 Modern Quilt Blocks" book. I pre-ordered this book at it arrived 2 days before I left for market. And it was so fantastic. While I was at market I went to two of Tula Pink's school house demonstrations, and she is just the coolest person. I really liked her.  So that made me even more excited to work on a quilt. I decided on the "Skyline" layout for 2 reasons -- it had lots of negative space for me to quilt in, and it is narrow enough for me to fit on my frame (once Rocky and Dad have a chance to put the extension together). So it worked out for me. The quilt in the book in this done all in grey's, but I had to go for rainbow. So here it is...


I was going to do the #tula100 quilt along, but I decided I just wanted to get the blocks done. I used Michael Miller Mirror Dot Balls', and Art Gallery Pure Elements, Oval Elements, and Floral Elements. And I think the white is a Northcott white. But it turned out sooooo well. I was pretty crazy excited.

Next up was from Emily Cier's book "Color, Block, Quilt". Which I LOVE!! I have about a million quilt idea's from this book. There is seriously good stuff. She provides a bunch of colour pallets, different blocks in a variety of sizes, and then many quilt layouts for you to put the blocks into. SOOOO GOOD!

I used "Neon" from Micheal Miller. Which are fantastic. SOO BRIGHT!! Which is very Kathleen. I thought with all the white backgrounds, using the white solid in the block background, it is almost low volume. Or at least as low-volume as I get.

I didn't really think going into retreat that I would get done the Tula quilt by the end of the weekend. But those blocks went together quick. Between market and retreat I had all my stuff packed so I started a Marcelle Medallion quilt with some of the scraps from the Tula quilt. At the last minute I threw it in my stuff, thinking I wouldn't touch it all weekend. But after finishing the other 2 quilts, I decided to work on it, and I am so happy with it.

Marcelle Medallion

I'm pretty excited about it. It turned out so good. Ok, actually, it is pretty shoddily made. There are some seams that are barely seams, it doesn't lay even close to flat, points are not sharp... zoinks. I'm hoping to fix up some of the problems with the quilting. Here is hoping anyways.

In generally, super excited about everything. I'm not quite sure what I'm sewing tomorrow-- I have some quilts mulling in the back of my head, so we'll see where that ends up.

Later days!