Works in Progress

I've been slowly working on this quilt recently: Block Close UP

This quilt was SOOOO close to becoming a probably-forever-unfinished-work-in-progress. (A PFUFWIP. It's totally going to catch on :D ) It was the quilt I was working on before I left for quilt market, and after getting home from market I just wanted to work on new things. And because I just HAD to have two design walls, it meant that this quilt could stay on one wall while the other wall cycled through quilts. But then two things happened: I decided I should just suck it up and get this quilt done, and I got really excited about quilting it.

On the Frame

I mentioned in my Free Motion Friday post (which I wrote yesterday, but won't be published until Friday) that every time I'm working on a quilt I think to myself that this is the best quilt that I have ever done, and maybe will ever do. And this one again is no exception.

The quilt is called "Avonroy Tiles" and is my own design... I'm hoping to have the quilt and pattern ready to go by mid-August. So watch out for that :D

Later days! Kathleen.