Free Motion Friday - Minimalista Night Sky Quilt

It's Friday!! Which means... FREE MOTION FRIDAY!

Today we're looking at my Minimalista Night Sky quilt.

Minimalista Nigh Sky Quilt

I love the quilting on this quilt, and so I thought that I would quickly go through how I quilted it...

Straight Lines

I started by quilting straight lines from one inner star point to the one across from it. This worked out really nicely as my ruler was long enough that I didn't have to mark these lines, making the process much quicker.

Echo stitching

The next step was to echo around each star and the straight lines I had already stiched. I actually echoed these straight lines twice to make sure they really popped.


Ribbon Candy

The next step was adding the ribbon candy. If you haven't noticed my love of ribbon candy yet... you can read more about this love HERE. I will say that if I was quilting this one again, I might not use ribbon candy again-- I had a hard time making it fit into the points at the end of the strips.


Next up was adding the fill to the center pieces. I did a swirly-bubbly thing, but you could easily do anything you like doing.



Next I did a dot to dot style in the alternate star points, before filling them with some back and forth quilting


The first time I saw back and forth quilting was at Quilt-Con last year, in an Angela Walter's class. It completely blew my mind that this could be considered a quilting design, and I use it a lot now, as it is nice and dense, making the less dense area's pop.

Continuous Curve

Next up was to put a double continuous curve in the star center.


One thing to watch out for here, is that if all your stitching points end up in EXACTLY the center, the centers tend to bubble and not lay flat. So rather than coming into the exact center I (tried) to get each of my stitching lines to lay beside each other rather than on top of one another.


I then added a loop inside of my continuous curves.

This quilt was so nice and easy to quilt -- it was the first quilt I did after my Peaks and Valley's quilt, which took FOREVER to quilt, and so it was just so nice to have this one go quickly, but still turn out very nicely.

Anyways, that's it for today. Remember, if you want your quilt to be part of Free Motion Friday, email a picture of it to kathleen (at)

Later days,