Avonroy Tiles


Rocky got the lucky job of holding up quilts again. Avonroy Tiles

The boy's a keeper :D. Anyways, this is my Avonroy Tiles quilt, my newest pattern. This one got a bit stuck for me -- I started it just before I headed to Spring Quilt Market, and after market I was far to0 excited about new market stuff to work on this... but eventually I finally sucked it up and got it done, and I'm really glad I did, as I think it turned out awesome! I love it anyways. I talked about it being a PFUFWIP in THIS post. (PFUFWIP - Probably Forever Un-Finished Work In Progress. It's totally going to catch on)

Quilting Close Up

I had a lot of fun with the quilting on this one. As you can probably see by the pictures!  I might do a Free-Motion-Friday on this.

Side note- Rocky is standing behind me right now and is super into the PFUFWIP. It's his new favourite term. I told you it would catch on. He's right now on the phone telling my mom all about how awesome it is.

Anyways, here is the picture of the back.


I love the back too.

Anyways, I think that's it for me. There is no food at all in my house since I got back from vacation. 3 days ago. I've been eating graham crackers since then. But now even those are gone.

Later days.