Free Motion Friday - Judy's Off Course Quilt


FREE MOTION FRIDAY! Judy, who you might remember from this quilt, sent me a 2nd quilt to play with this week: (remember, you can send me your quilt to play with by emailing kathleen(at)

Judy's Geese Quilt


She says:

The name of this quilt is Off Course. The original thought was to go dark to light with the negative space. I let someone talk me out of that. . . REALLY wish I had not done that. Anyway, off course flying geese - they are all wonky and flying through turbulence. . . so I thought swirls and lines in the negative space simulating wind (spirals with long tails, lots of echoing) with random wonky geese thrown in. As for the actual flying geese. . . .I'm coming up pretty much empty. I'm thinking partly because the wonky is throwing me off course ;) hehe

So here we go...


I started by continuing the wonky flying geese out in the lighter gray sections. Wonky flying geese are one of my new favourite things to quilt. I can just eyeball the geese with my ruler to get straight lines -- they are wonky, so no need for marking or anything like that. Because I like things fast and simple.


Next I echoed inside of the lighter portion, just on the outside to separate this space.


Next up I echoed around my quilted wonky geese.


Next I did some dot to dot quilting in the geese, going from one corner of my goose, to just a little down from the point, back to the opposite corner, and then again. Again with these I would do no marking to keep the feeling of wonkyness. I also did these same dot to dot lines in my pieced geese.


Next up I filled in the background around my pieced and quilted geese. Judy said swirls with long tails, so that's what I started drawing... I would probably do them in a very small scale to make sure my geese popped. I would use the same background fill in the dark background around my pieced geese to try to de-emphasise the line between them .


And then lastly I would do this wave fill in the medium gray spaces, to again look like waves or wind. I used this fill on this quilt, and love it.

Dreamin' Color Urban Tiles

And so that's Judy's quilt! You can see her blog HERE. A big thanks to Judy for sending her quilt! It's a lot more fun for me when I get someone else's quilt to play with! Remember, you can send your quilt for me to play with as a part of Free Motion Friday to kathleen (at)

Later days!