Free Motion Friday - Scrappy Trip Around The World

Scrappy Trip Along This was my scrappy trip around the the world that I made last fall. I love this pattern like you would not believe. I cut up all my scraps to make these quilts. So I'm now working on number two, and have been thinking about quilting patterns.

I did a simple continuous curve on the last one:

Scrappy Trip Along Close Up

Continuous curve's are so easy, quick, and look great!

Photo 2014-08-13, 8 02 13 PMThe first step is to make curves from corner to corner in a straight line.

Photo 2014-08-13, 8 02 26 PM

On the way back we bounce up and down on the corners to catch the vertical lines.

Photo 2014-08-13, 8 03 18 PM

Then we repeat until we are done the quilt! My last step would be to bounce back up the left hand side to catch those points.

One of my favourite variations of this is to do a double continuous curve;

Double Continuous Curves

On this quilt I didn't have the pieced grid to follow, so I first stitched the grid, then did a double continuous curve -- instead of bouncing one way on each line, I went twice -- I did it exactly the same, just twice as much!

Continuos Curve Variation

On this quilt I used the continuous curve on the grey areas, but then I filled in the space in the centre with a loop.

However, for my new scrappy trip around the world, I've been there, done that, so I'm hoping for something new. And I've been in a feather mood, so...


Photo 2014-08-13, 8 07 19 PMI'm going to start by doing feathers over the zig-zags. (though probably a smaller scale than shown here.

Photo 2014-08-13, 8 09 18 PMI'm then going to go and and echo the inside of each feather.

Photo 2014-08-13, 8 10 34 PM

Then I'm going to go and echo the outside of the feathers and add some swirls to fill in any empty space.

That's the plan anyways, though we'll see what happens :D


Remember, if you want me to play with your quilt (like the lovely Judy) email a picture to kathleen (at)

Later days!