Free Motion Friday - Deanne's Quilt



Happy Friday!! Which means... FREE MOTION FRIDAY! WOOT WOOT!

Today, Deanne sent this quilt for me to play with:

Deanne's Quilt

She says:

Hi Kathleen.  This is Deanne.  I finished this Wonky 9-patch a year ago.  I wanted to quilt it with a lot of wavy lines to reflect the wonkyness of the design lines, sort of like the fill you used with Dreamin' Color Urban Tiles, but the more I think about it, I think that would be pretty boring on this quilt.

How would you crank up the interest a bit, given how little detail there is to work with in each block?  Of course, that was what made it so fast and fun to put together in the first place :-)

So, here we go,

Photo 2014-08-22, 9 56 04 AM

I'm starting by doing some fun fills in the boxes. To emphasize the wonky, something different in each one. I also switched designs in the different coloured pieced part.

In a second email Deanne also mentioned

 I would like to know how you would quilt this so it appears that the white space and border are all background with the wonky boxes floating on it.


Photo 2014-08-22, 10 09 10 AM

I went with diagonal lines radiating throughout the white spaces and borders, breaking when I hit coloured fabric. I think this makes a cohesive quilt background that will really make the piecing pop.

Photo 2014-08-22, 10 09 47 AM

Then, to add a bit of wonkiness back in, I then am going to fill in every other diagonal with a different fill.

Photo 2014-08-22, 10 11 06 AM

Then, to finish things off, I'm going to go add a fill to the coloured background squares.

So that's Deanne's quilt!  Remember, if you want me to play with your quilt, email a picture to kathleen(at)

Later days, Kathleen.