I'm Teaching at Sparrow Studioz!!

I'm so excited to be teaching at Sparrow Studioz this fall! Follow the links to register-- I hope to see you there soon!! Visit Sparrowstudioz.com for more information. It's going to be awesome!!Draw Like Kathleen Class 

Sept 25 (9am-12pm) $55


Learn how Kathleen approaches choosing quilting designs, then practice drawing out designs to try out at home. Drawing class, half day. A Cheater's Guide to Quilting 

Sept 25 (1pm-4pm) $55


Also, Quilting For the Lazy. If there is an easier way to do it, then Kathleen will do it that way. Learn little tips and tricks to make your quilting easier. Because sometimes, done is better than perfect. Longarm, demo, half day. 

Quilting for The Crazy 

Sept 26 (10am-4pm) $175


Sometimes spending that little bit of extra time on a quilt can really make it special. Mark lines & shapes to create stunning negative spaces -- that might take some extra time, but turn out spectacular. It may be time consuming, but it’s not particularly difficult. Longarm, hands on, full day.