Technicolor Galaxy - Month 5

bom-2015-button Alyssa of and I have teamed up to provide some extra inspiration for quilting the Technicolor Galaxy quilt! Here we go with block five!blockI'm not going to lie, I love this block :D


I started with two different options for inside the arrowheads: one with straight lines, one with curvy lines and one with straight. From here you could easily continue to embellish these areas, with more lines, with fillers one one side of the line, with feathers... whatever your heart desires. Or they could just as easily be left as is.


In the background I went with two options -- one with straight lines echoing the arrowheads -- by echoing every-other arrow, then going back and doing the middle one, it gives the illusion that the lines are overlapping each other.  In the second, I echoed around the arrowheads, and then filled the rest of the space with a filler -- in my case I found myself drawing feathers, despite my intention to fill it with swirls :D So any filler you like, but adding that echo around the arrowheads really emphasizes them so they pop out from the background filler.

See you next month!

Later days! Kathleen.