2015 in a (late) Review. And how 2016 (probably won't) be different


cropped-kathleen-quilts-header-colour1.jpg Somehow it is well past the middle of January, and I am only now getting to a year in review post... such is life I suppose :D

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2015 was a crazy, unexpected year. I accidently started a longarm quilting business. I got my APQS Canada sponsorship. I quilted 16 customer quilts (vs. 1 in 2014). I quilted 18 quilts for myself or my family. I pieced only 7 (ish) quilts.  I sewed jeans & knits & garments & bags. I booked teaching in Australia. I taught at Sparrow Studioz. I went to QuiltCon. I worked full time, and planned a move. I went went to Montana & Norway & Sweden & Finland and travelled all over Alberta.  It was a crazy year that I still can't believe is real.


I honestly can't believe that this is my life. That people are willing to pay me to quilt their quilts, to teach them to quilt. That people read my blog, and follow me on instagram. 5

Most of me thinks that if 2016 is as crazy as 2015... I'm not sure I'll survive :D So far I have spent most of 2016 sleeping. It has not been my most productive month.


So, for 2016.




A little less stressing about how "oh, that quilter is so much better than me" and "oh, I'll never be that good. Because let's face it, that helps no one.


Take as many naps as I want... I work full time besides quilting. And I refuse to let it stress me out (too bad). So if I want a nap, I'm gonna have a nap :D. #napsareimportanttooP1040375

So I'm going to focus a bit more on my day job, on Rocky, and some vague sense of balance this year. Or this month. Or for sure, this week.

Later days, Kathleen.