Dale's Single Girl Quilt


img_4964 I quilted this for Dale at the end of September, but as it was a Christmas gift, I couldn't post photo's until now. I am super happy with how this turned out though.


I did a different pattern around the outside of the quilt vs. the inside. Mostly because after I did the first row I decided I didn't really like what I was doing that much. Maybe not so much that I didn't like it, as I decided it would make for a pretty boring looking quilt. So I used my Wave Fill around the outside rings, and swirls on the inside rings. This creates sort of a secondary border around the quilt, which I think is cooler than if I had just done one design anyway.


I used Cindy Needham's "ultimate background" stencil for the crosshatching in the centres. Usually I would do my triple cross hatch much tighter, but I really like the look this created.

That's it for me! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

Later days! Kathleen.